What is the PearlEye HD Virtual Tour

Brief introduction to the HD VR PearlEye Virtual Tour

We are a young group and we project and realise Virtual Tours. What’s a PearlEye HD Virtual Tour? Easy said, it’s a tool made of several pictures in a 360° virtual environment, working on all kinds of devices, that allows customers and clients to dig into an interactive view

Thnaks to the realistic rendering and the HD pictureswe create Virtual Tours able to provide you with a real experience and an impressive emotional impact.

The addition of some Multimedia Contents transform the Virtual Tour in an educational tool which easily becomes exciting to the visitors.

Connecting several environments each other via hotsposts placed on a map or inside the songle environments, let us easily move inside the Virtual Tour..

The graphic interface (maps, icons, menu, infos) can be customised with a personal layout matching your institutional feature.

Creating High Dynaminc Virtual Tours, transform the browsing always fluid and quick to download, thanks to the responsive version, accessible from any desktop or mobile device.

Our HD Emotional Virtual Tour represent today an exquisit and at the same time very competitive

instrument for marketing and promotion to grant a demonstrated visibility of your product. This ensure an innovative and modern opportunity to distinguish your brand from other competitors.

Ask us how to easily implement the Virtual Tour your Company’s website, connect it via a QR Code available on all the printed leaflets, and introduce your VRvia Interactive Totems. Nonetheless, export the VR in a different in other countries, having it translated in the appropriate language. Include all the feature you would like to add to the VT, in order to have a Luxury Service to make you a Unique Brand.


The scope
We tell a story. Yours

The VR instrument is not only a browsing tool, for us is more a Storytelling at 360’, so our Clients can get the very best out of its product. We start from understanding your background, your purpose , in order to get the best achievements, and customize it to make it unique. What we do, is telling a story. Our Clients’ story.


Waste Travel 360

Il Waste Travel 360° è il primo progetto di realtà virtuale applicata all’Economia Circolare, volto a sensibilizzare i giovani e le famiglie sull’importanza del valore del rifiuto inteso come risorsa indispensabile per tutelare il mondo in cui viviamo. E’ stato sviluppato in collaborazione con Ancitel Energia e Ambiente, con il patrocinio del Ministero dell’ Ambiente ed ha come partner tecnologico la Samsung.


Cantina Zaccagnini

For the Wine-making Company Zaccagnini an highly emotional product connecting the two main subject of its core business: wine and art. The several different multimedia have been included to offer a detailed story of the entire wine production cycle. Within this project we would like to introduce you the 2016 extended Version with a new interface and an enhanced graphic interface.


Sextantio – Scattered Hotel

The VR of the Hotel has had as main purpose the wide-spreading charm of this beautiful place. The detailed representation of the main environments following a single emotional soundtrack, the details of the pictures combined to a performant editing of the photo shoot, has eternalised one of the most fascinating realities of Italy.


Aqualand del Vasto

Il Tour Virtuale dell’ Aqualand del Vasto è un percorso multimediale immersivo  composto da ben 4 Video a 360° e 32 Foto a 360°  che coprono l’intera area del parco a tema e tutte le sue attrattive. Disponibile anche in modalità VR Virtual Reality con gli appositi Visori VR/Cardboard.


The Fort in Civitella del Tronto

The fort in Civitella del Tronto is one of the biggest and the most important infrastructural work of the European Army Building Team. The VT has been realised to show, throughout the images and contents, both the historical value that this structure has gained across the years, for tourists and visitors.


Joint Research Centre, Ispra

The Joint Research Centre Laboratories in Ispra are the most important ones in Europe. For this project we have included many informative media with the purpose of letting the visitors to understand the experiments and studies carried within those premises. All the project has been realised in tow different languages, English and Italian.


Look at some of our Clients

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Parco naturale majella


The Pearl Eye Virtual Torus are a great marketing tools and they let our customers to virtually explore the labs. This couldn’t happen in reality. We are enthusiastic of the results and the opportunities that all this can offer to us!
Jana Jaklič, Joint Research Centre Ispra (VA) - Commissione Europea
The Pearl Eye Virtula Tour is the best business card that make to appreciate and discover even more the history and the chamr of one of the biggest fortresses in Europe
Fabio Bracchi, Fortezza di Civitella del Tronto
The job done by the Pearl Eye Team is utterly superb, a unique virtual experience. The Virtual Tour reflects exactly our philosophy, sending the consciousness of the high quality of our products
Gianluca Zaccagnini, Cantina Zaccagnini
Il Virtual Tour di PearlEye è un valore aggiunto di alta qualità da inserire in un sito web!
Roberta Spinogatti, Parco Naturale Majella
Definitely different from other Virtual Tours, tailored on the quality.
Maria Antonietta Baiocco, Sextantio - Albergo Diffuso